The Food Bank of Northern Nevada has launched a powerful new campaign entitled Imagine Ending Hunger to celebrate our 40th anniversary.

We are celebrating our unwavering mission to feed northern Nevada families for the last four decades, while envisioning a future where every neighbor is well fed.  It would be difficult for us not to think critically about all we have accomplished to plan our next 40 years.  We know that, above all, we want to make things better for those in our community who face food insecurity.

The campaign is one part rallying cry, one part celebration — melding human art and heartfelt messaging with Artificial Intelligence and future-forward visuals. It celebrates a small food pantry powered by passionate volunteers that grew into northern Nevada’s leading hunger relief organization, serving more than 137,000 people each month with 150 partner agencies located throughout a 90,000 square mile service area.

As we look boldly into the future, Imagine Ending Hunger pushes the organization to the completion of its critical mission, energized by new supporters, volunteers and partners.  We are also preparing to celebrate with an Imagine Ending Hunger Experience, which will be an event to celebrate all we have done, but getting ready for the next big thing.

“We are thinking big,” said Nicole Lamboley, president & CEO of the Food Bank of Northern Nevada.  “If you look at the tremendous growth we have seen in the numbers of people needing help in our region, you can see that innovative solutions are vital to moving the needle on ending hunger in our community.  We love how this campaign captures our spirit of hope for the future.”

Bryce Chisholm’s, ABC Art Attack Mural at the Food Bank of Northern Nevada.

The use of Artificial Intelligence in the visuals of Imagine Ending Hunger was a unique way to pay homage to the human art at the heart of the operations of the Food Bank of Northern Nevada, while fast-forwarding into a future where food is no longer a daily concern for Northern Nevada neighbors. The AI art’s style paid tribute to Bryce Chisholm’s stunning mural that adorns the wall of the food bank’s distribution warehouse, transporting that style into an imagined world where the fight against hunger is won.

By leveraging Artificial Intelligence, the campaign was able to double down on the hope, vision and empowerment at the core of the mission of the Food Bank of Northern Nevada.  Through a dynamic microwebsite, imagineendinghunger.com, the campaign aims to get more people involved in the fight against hunger.

The campaign was created for the Food Bank of Northern Nevada by The Abbi Agency, a Nevada-based agency that was recently named Agency of the Year in the Western United States by the American Advertising Federation. The agency donated their expertise and vision to the nonprofit as part of the company’s Do Good Sh*t program. Allegra Printing, StreetSeen, Lamar Advertising and video production company Kimera Collective also generously provided services for the campaign as part of their support of the Food Bank.

The Food Bank of Northern Nevada has reinvented their work over the many years in the community, and they continually look for more impactful ways to address food insecurity in the region.  An emphasis on nutrition, data, and community partnerships have all played a part in the strategic direction of the organization.

In addition to the Imagine Ending Hunger campaign, the Food Bank of Northern Nevada will be unveiling details later this summer of an Imagine Ending Hunger Experience event to mark the milestone of years and impact, while serving as a celebration of what is to come.  The event will feature local Chefs Mark Estee and Jacob Burton, and a donated art piece by Bryce Chisholm, as well as a tremendous amount of hope for the future.   Click here for details on the Imagine Ending Hunger Experience