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Neighborhood Pantries

Through a variety of programs and services, the Food Bank of Northern Nevada and our partner agencies provide food to people in need right in the areas where they live.

Emergency Food Pantries

The Food Bank of Northern Nevada distributes food to local food pantries so that people and families can receive a bag of groceries and other emergency food assistance close to their own neighborhoods. These food pantries are open to help on different days of the week and at various times during those days. Those in need of food assistance can find a variety of resources available through our partner agencies and direct service programs.

Find a food pantry near you

Washoe County: English |Spanish
Rural Northern Nevada & California Communities:
English |Spanish

Mobile Harvest

Access to nutritious, healthful food is vital for the community members we serve. Throughout the month, the Food Bank’s Mobile Harvest program visits neighborhoods across northern Nevada and eastern California to distribute produce and other fresh food items to clients.  All community members in need of food assistance are welcome to visit Mobile Harvest.  There are no qualification requirements, and each household may pick up food from a Mobile Harvest distribution once per week.

View the Mobile Harvest Schedule:

Washoe County: December 2021
Rural Northern Nevada & California Communities: December 2021

what to expect when arriving at mobile harvest

  • Many Mobile Harvest distributions are currently being run as a drive-through format.  When you arrive at a drive-through site, please be sure to pay close attention to all signs, as well as staff and volunteers directing traffic.  We kindly ask that you remain in your vehicle the entire time.  Your groceries will be loaded into your vehicle for you; please have the door unlocked and ensure that there is space available for the food.  
    • Those without transportation are still welcome to visit drive-through Mobile Harvest sites and will be served via a walk-up line.  Please respect social distancing at all times while on site by remaining at least 6ft away from those not in your household.
  • Other sites will be using our walk-up distribution model.  All walk-up sites will marked accordingly on the monthly schedule.
    • When attending a walk-up site, please remember to bring your own bags for us to pack your selected items into.  We cannot guarantee that we will have bags available for those who don’t have their own.

Intake & check-in

  • Intake Form: During your first visit to Mobile Harvest, and once per year after, we will need to collect an Intake Form from you.  Please know that your responses to the questions on this form are completely confidential and in no way impact your ability to receive food assistance through Mobile Harvest.  If you have a printer available to you, you can make the intake process on-site even faster by downloading and completing this form prior to arriving at the site.  English Intake Form | Spanish Intake Form
  • Barcode IDs: If you have an ID that has a barcode on it, we ask that you provide this during check-in, as it can greatly speed up the check-in process.  Please note, IDs are not required, and you will still be happily served with or without one.  This request simply helps to move the line along more quickly.

Having others pick food up on your behalf

  • If you are unable to make it to a distribution for any reason, you may have a friend/family member pick up your food if you have completed an Authorization Form and designated the person on this form. You may designate up to three people to pick up food on your behalf.  Your household may still only receive food once per week, regardless of who is attending the distribution.
  • If you have not already completed the Authorization Form, you may download and complete it here and have the person bring it with them to the distribution: EnglishSpanish
  • Please note, you must already have a form on file with us OR the person attending the distribution must bring the form completed and signed by you with them, or we will not be able to allow them to pick up food on your behalf.
  • If you are a designated person picking up for another household: You may get food for YOUR household and ONE other household each week.  You may be an authorized person for more than one household but will not be able to get food for multiple on any given week.


The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP)

The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) is a federal program that provides food commodities at no cost to Americans in need of short-term hunger relief through food providers like emergency food pantries, food banks, soup kitchens and shelters.

To Qualify:

  • ID and proof of Nevada residency is required for the receipt of USDA food
  • Each household must read the “Self Declaration Assurance” and certify eligibility by signing the issuance sheet that their household income does not exceed 185% of the federal poverty guidelines
  • For each additional household member add $645.00 per month

View the TEFAP Distribution Schedule   

The Food Bank of Northern Nevada is an equal opportunity employer and provider.  Click here to view the complete non-discrimination statement.  View the 2021 TEFAP eligibility guidelines here

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