In my role at the Food Bank, the question I am asked most is how you, as an individual or representing a small nongovernmental organization, have any hope to make a difference in the vast political labyrinth. Read More 
Do you love infused waters as much as we do? Give this Orange Crème Infused Water a try for an extra-special treat. Read More 
I wish that I could put money in my wallet and it would triple. Just imagine what I could do with that kind of magic. That is exactly what Bank of America is doing to your donation right now. It's the amazing Give a Meal program and it is back through the end of December 2015. Right now if y... Read more 
The Food Bank of Northern Nevada is proud to host the beautifully powerful photo collection, Under Shelter: The Power Within throughout the month of September for Hunger Action Month. Join us Thursday, September 17 for a reception celebrating this inspiring artwork. RSVP Today 
Laura Urban here, Nutrition Education Coordinator for the Food Bank of Northern Nevada. As many of you already know, all throughout the month of September we’re raising awareness on the issue of hunger. Since this is the first (of many) blog posts from yours truly, I’ll take this as an oppor... Read More 
Few things light me up quite like sharing my passion for the fight against hunger, but having the opportunity to see others' passion for it is truly the most incredible feeling. It's the reason that I love Hunger Action Month so, so much. There are so many great, fun ways to get involved with t... Read More