Who We Serve

The Food Bank of Northern Nevada serves working poor families and children, seniors living on a fixed income, the ill, the disabled and other vulnerable people in our community.

The faces of hunger may surprise you. They may be a co-worker, your child’s friend, or the grandparent living next door. Each month, the Food Bank of Northern Nevada provides assistance to more than 106,000 people through our network of more than 148 partner agencies and direct service programs. Almost half of the clients we serve are children and seniors. In fact, one in every five children in Nevada is considered food insecure.


Many families are struggling to make ends meet and the family may look different than it used to. Many generations may be living under the same roof or families often will group together to make ends meet.


Children who are not getting their nutritional needs met have serious additional problems that affect their lives. Children who are hungry are sick more often, struggle in school and children under 5 can have developmental delays that stay with them throughout their lives.


One senior living at the poverty level has a monthly household income of $950 or less. People who have worked their entire lives are struggling to put food on the table.

Every day, our clients make tough choices
to keep food on the table.


Choose between food and utilities


Choose between food and transportation


Choose between food and medical care


Choose between food and housing


Choose between food and education

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