Volunteer loves sharing food and hope

The food pantry at Sparks Christian Fellowship is serving up a lot of help and hope to the community — and to volunteers!

“I’ve been attending this church for ten years and I love my pastor,” Mattie says. “My children are grown and I was at home feeling useless. One of the volunteers asked me to come in and help out. I finally came, and I have been coming for three years.”

Then came the pandemic which caused the food pantry to close for a time. Mattie had no idea how much she would miss interacting with all the families, older adults and other neighbors!

“When the pandemic hit and we shut down, I was miserable,” she recalls. “When I was able to come [back again], I would get up and say, ‘Oh thank you, Lord, it’s Wednesday. I can finally do something for somebody else.’” Mattie says, “[Volunteering] just makes me feel better. I just love it. I really do.”

Through your support of the Food Bank of Northern Nevada, you’re equipping volunteers like Mattie to show compassion and to provide healthy food to households struggling to put nutritious meals on the table! Thank you!