Thank you for Providing Healthy Food for Families 

The Renown Health Food Pantry in Reno makes all the difference for families like Diamon’s. She has three little ones, the youngest just six months old.  The day we met Diamon, she was picking out fresh foods with her friend Choma, who also has a six-month-old.  Both of their husbands work, but the cost of day care is so high that working isn’t an option for Diamon and Choma.  Having access to healthy food for their children takes some of the worry away for the young mothers who have to choose carefully where every dollar goes.

“We love the fruit and veggies, chicken, fish. And we can save things in our freezer at home as needed,” Choma says.

On behalf of young working families, seniors and anyone struggling to make ends meet on a limited income, your partnership is so appreciated.

“Thank you, Choma says. “This means everything to us. It saves us. It is so helpful.”