Nutrition Education

We are committed to helping people in our community learn about nutritious food choices and how to stay healthy on a limited food budget.

Nutrition EducationThe Food Bank’s commitment to ending hunger in our region includes a belief that knowledge is power for the families in need that we serve.  The Nutrition Education program at the Food Bank of Northern Nevada teaches adults and children about nutritious food choices, simple food preparation, safe food handling, getting the most nutrition with a limited food budget and increasing physical activity for healthy living.

Smart Shopper

Smart Shopper is a series of classes offered by the Food Bank of Northern Nevada that promotes a healthy lifestyle on a budget. Each session consists of 8, 1.5 hour long classes. Each class incorporates discussions, activities, food tastings, and time to be physically active.  Classes are hosted by neighborhood schools where many families have been identified to be SNAP-eligible.

Nutrition on Wheels

Nutrition on Wheels brings nutrition tips, recipes and even samples directly to clients at Mobile Pantry. The lessons are centered around healthy options that work on a budget and practical examples of how to make positive food choices.

Stay & Play

Stay & Play is a program that happens in conjunction with Kids Cafe Summer Meals that offers organized games for children and youth to remain active.  The program was created to promote exercise as well as to create a fun atmosphere that will encourage participation in the vital meal program.

Food Smarts

The Food Bank of Northern Nevada has developed a strong partnership with the Washoe County School District, and our Food Smarts program is a wonderful example of this partnership brought to life.  Our Nutrition Education staff has developed a curriculum designed to teach children about making healthy eating choices and works closely with staff in the school district’s after-school programs to deliver this education to students.  Through a train-the-trainer model, after-school program staff are provided with activities, lessons, and other supplies to aid them in teaching this important course to students attending their programs.